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n. (abbreviation of executor English)

Usage examples of "exec.".

Carmody's thoroughness was explained when he mentioned that he was an An-napolis man, class of '43, the only regular officer aboard beside the captain and exec. He had narrow shoulders, pinched cheeks, small foxy eyes, and a tiny mustache.

Queeg said crankily, passing the despatch to the exec. He glanced up at the sun, which was about an hour and a half above the horizon.

Over on the Simon a bird who made lieutenant in October has got exec. And their new skipper is a reserve lieutenant.

He took a wrinkled tele-gram from his trouser pocket and gave it to the exec. Maryk frowned over it and showed it to Willie.

I'd be arguing, too, if someone else was the exec. Call Stilwell over.

Queeg was hanging to the telegraph again, glaring at the exec. "Well, that's the story, gentlemen," Maryk said, his voice pitched high over the roar of the wind and the rattle of spray on the win-dows.

Maryk had shrunk in a day to a subservient dull exec. The adventurous excitement in the wardroom had subsided.

Two disgruntled bastards instead of one heroic exec. Take an even strain.

He was her exec. He'd obeyed her orders, but the orders had been hers.

If anyone on board should have seen what the Captain was up to and helped her achieve it, it was her exec. But McKeon seemed to have come around, and Webster had made a very careful note of the way the Captain had avoided climbing all over him before he did.

Honor drummed gently on the table, then looked back at her exec. "Let's assume for a moment that this is a Havenite covert op, Mr.

I want to know that, Exec. I want to catch them with their hands dirty and nail them in front of God and everybody.

Water flowed downhill, and with Honor so immersed in squadron activities, an ever mounting flood of paperwork had inundated the exec. She started to say something else, then paused with a frown and leaned back in her own chair while she toyed with the stem of her wineglass.

I'm Commander Lovat, the Exec. The Commodore asked me to escort you to his briefing room.