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Credit transfer

Credit transfer can refer to:

  • The transfer of money from one account to another, also called a wire transfer
  • The procedure of granting credit to a student for studies completed at another school, also called transfer credit or advanced standing.

credit transfer

n. A method of payment in which an amount of money (''credit'') is transferred directly from one account to another, in the same or different bank

Usage examples of "credit transfer".

I made the appropriate credit transfer, and gave him the address of Naomi's apartment.

Bram was out of polysugar bars, but the leggy little pentadactyls carried a supply of them in a locked box that only the passenger could open, with suitable credit transfer.

The reward he'd got for capturing Khomeini had included a credit transfer as well as a promotion.

Not having a credit card meant that her tricks couldn't pay her by a straightforward credit transfer.

The security officer slouched in the doorway of Trevagg's cubicle while the Gotal keyed through a credit transfer and ticketing information on the Star-swan, leaving early tomorrow morning.

When Ruth Tanner executed that credit transfer from Jacoby's house computers, Megarea and Tisiphone intended to raid his system for every off-world shipping contact.