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Calc may refer to:

  • Short for calculation, calculator, calcarea or calculus
  • The Anglo-Saxon ᛣ rune, representing /k/.
  • Microsoft Calculator, also known by its filename calc.exe.
  • CALC, Cumbria Association of Local Councils
  • Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
  • LibreOffice Calc
  • Calc


n. 1 (abbreviation of calculus English) 2 (abbreviation of calculator English) 3 (abbreviation of calculation English)

Usage examples of "calc".

The only important difference was that this one had to have some fancy gadgetry on the landing mech. Stein had given her the orbit calcs today.

I ran an energy calc on the RDX, and it seems to me that if he had used a third of his load on each car, the damage would've been much greater than it is here.