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BNA may stand for:

  • Bahrain News Agency, the state news agency of Bahrain.
  • Basle Nomina Anatomica, the first revision of anatomic nomenclature
  • Burma National Army
  • British Naturalists' Association
  • British Neuroscience Association
  • British Newspaper Archive
  • British North America, a former name for Canada
  • British North America Acts, the original Constitutional Acts of Canada
  • Bureau of National Affairs, a U.S. commercial publisher
  • Banco de la NaciĆ³n Argentina
  • BNA Records, a record label
  • Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts, a theatre training institute in Lucknow, India
  • Nashville International Airport (IATA airport code)
  • Burnage railway station, England (National Rail station code)
  • Bridged nucleic acids


n. 1 (context biochemistry English) (initialism of bridged nucleic acid English) 2 (initialism of British North America English)

Usage examples of "bna".

It reminded him somehow of Bna Brassie, and that was funny, because she was made of metal and smelled of polished brass.