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The Collaborative International Dictionary


Bloodiness \Blood"i*ness\, n.

  1. The state of being bloody.

  2. Disposition to shed blood; bloodthirstiness.

    All that bloodiness and savage cruelty which was in our nature.



n. The characteristic of being bloody.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary


1590s, from bloody (adj.) + -ness.

Usage examples of "bloodiness".

In light of the bloodiness of the crime, its hands-on physicality, and the number of victims and defendants, the discovery of a few mass-produced fibers from items available in Wal-Marts and other clothiers all over the country struck Lax as an infinitesimal amount of evidence, which was also highly circumstantial.

The most striking lesson of the engagement is the extreme bloodiness of modern warfare under some conditions, and its bloodlessness under others.

Kylock would take Camlee because he could, because he enjoyed all the bloodiness and passion that went with conquering, not because he wanted to rule its people.