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a. (abbreviation of Augustan English) n. (abbreviation of August English)

Usage examples of "aug.".

Narrative of what took place yesterday, August 21, in the town of Avignon.

Letter of the Directory of Calvados to the Minister of the Interior, Aug. 3.

He reaches Fontenay Aug.21, 1793, with the representative Bourbotte, Momoro, commissary-general, three adjutants, Moulins, Hasard, the ex priest, Grammont, an ex-actor and several prostitutes.

There was "a loud and universal peal of laughter from all the galleries" on the reading of a letter, in which a deputy wrote that he was threatened with decapitation.

Likewise, on the 29th of August, 1792, at Rouen, the national guard, defending the Hôtel-de ville, is pelted with stones more than an hour while many are wounded.

In the number for Aug.18: "The place for Louis Nero and for Medicis Antoinette is not in the towers of the Temple.

After the 11th of August the Assembly passes a decree releasing Saint-Huruge and annulling the warrant against Antoine.

Other decrees against the émigrés and their relations, Aug. 14, 23, 30, and Sept.

Other decrees against the ecclesiastics or the property of the church, Aug. 17, 18, 19, and Sept.

Section of Gravilliers, letter of Charles Chemin, commissary, to Santerre, and deposition of Ilingray, cavalryman of the national gendarmerie, Aug. 11.

Letter of Chemin, commissioner of the Gravilliers section, to Santerre, Aug.11, 1792.

Speech by Robespierre at the bar of the Assembly in the name of the commune, Aug. 15.

List of the section commissioners sitting at the Hôtel-de-ville, Aug. 10, before 9 o'clock in the morning.

On the 23d of August the council-general resolves "that a tribune shall be arranged in the chamber for a journalist (M.

Marat), whose duty it shall be to conduct a journal giving the acts passed and what goes on in the commune" ("Procès-verbaux de la Commune," Aug.23) 2.