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ASR may refer to:

  • Asr, the daily afternoon prayer in Islam
  • Acute stress reaction, a psychological condition arising in response to a terrifying or traumatic event
  • Adult sex ratio, the ratio of males to females in adult populations of a particular species
  • Alkali Silica Reaction, a reaction between alkali and amorphous silica which occurs over time in concrete leading to its destruction
  • Analyte specific reagent, a class of biological molecules
  • Automotive shredder residue, a mixture of metallic waste resulting from the shredding of automobiles
  • Soybean rust (a.k.a. Asian Soybean Rust), a disease that affects soybeans and other legumes
  • Aquifer storage and recovery, the re-injection of potable water back into an aquifer for later recovery and use
  • Airport surveillance radar, a radar system used at airports to detect and display the position of aircraft
  • Answer/seizure ratio, a telecommunications success determination ratio
  • Traction control system (a.k.a. Anti-Slip Regulation), an electro-hydraulic system on production vehicles designed to prevent loss of traction
  • Automatic Send Receive, a designation used by Teletype Corporation for teleprinters that contain a keyboard and punched tape equipment
  • ASR Nederland, a Dutch insurance company
  • Academy at Swift River, a coeducational therapeutic boarding school for teenagers
  • Erkilet International Airport (IATA code: ASR), a Turkish military airbase and public airport
  • Apple Software Restore, a command line utility in Mac OS X
  • Automated System Recovery, a feature of Windows XP and lower Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Automatic system recovery, a device or process that detects a computer failure and attempts recovery
  • Speech recognition (a.k.a. automatic speech recognition), the conversion of spoken words to text
  • AnnaSophia Robb, actress, model and singer
  • Arnav Singh Raizada, fictional character in the Indian daily soap opera Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?
  • Abellio ScotRail, a train operating company in Scotland
  • Air-sea rescue, the coordinated search and rescue of sea-bound accident survivors
  • Alternate Supply Route, for military logistics as opposed to MSR
  • American Sociological Review, an academic journal
  • Accelerated Share Repurchase, a method that publicly traded companies may use to buy back shares of its stock from the market
  • Arizona State Route

Asr (radar)

''' Asr(Radar) ''' is an Iranian Passive electronically scanned array long range radar unveiled in 2013. The Air Surveillance Radar or ASR is a 3-D solid state phased array radar, capable of detecting boats, low flying aircraft with a radar cross section of 4 meters in a 200km distance. The radar jointly designed and built by Islamic Republic of Iran Navy and Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics (Iran).



init. 1 air-sea rescue 2 automatic speech recognition 3 automatic system recovery 4 anti-slip regulation

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