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n. (context legal English) (abbreviation of appendix English) (text added to the end of a book or an article)

Usage examples of "app.".

He was the youngest of the lot, the man who had recognized Rapp. He was one of two wild cards.

It would have been ideal to know exactly who he was, to have a full briefing on him so he knew where to apply pressure and probe, but that was out of the question.

The president had publicly acknowledged Rapp’s sacrifice and accomplishments, but it went much deeper than that.

When Hayes really needed to get something done, he turned to Rapp. He had proven his worth and effectiveness time and time again, and if there was anyone who could get the president to move decisively and shut out the rest of the clamor it would be Rapp.

A few seconds later the stairs to the executive jet folded down revealing an extremely tired and unshaven Mitch Rapp. The CIA operative was still dressed in his combat fatigues and holster.

The fact that politics weighed so heavily in every decision simply did not compute for Rapp. It should not have come as a surprise to him that in a town like Washington and in a place like the White House, politics played such an important role but, in an irritating and undermining way, it did.

Yes, the media got many of the facts wrong, but in Rapp’s case they didn’t know the half of it.

He told her only that there were a lot of very powerful people in Washington who supported what Rapp did.

Holmes warned her that one of the quickest ways to ruin her career, and possibly her boss’s, would be to pursue this foolish course against Rapp. In addition, he told her to watch her step around Rapp’s boss, Dr.

This comment would have been vigorously challenged by the other FBI special agents present if it had been uttered by anyone other than Rapp. American soil was the FBI’s territory, not the military’s.

This was breaking the law, something that Rapp was not in the slightest bit opposed to, but there would be no turning back if they decided to move forward.

It would be a definite career ender for McMahon and maybe even for Rapp himself.

She could already tell that Jackson was unloading on Rapp. She watched eagerly, wanting to see how the notorious Mitch Rapp handled one of the best trial lawyers in the country.

President,” said Rapp. “General, I’ll call you back in a minute with an exact ETA.

Et non refert utrum res que ita subtracta fuit extiterit illius appellantis propria vel alterius, dum tamen de custodia sua.